Slats for the bathroom

Slats are winning the hearts of decorators and owners of residential units and office spaces. Wooden slats are being used more and more every year, and all indications are that their popularity will continue at its best. Slats are used in a variety of interiors, including bathrooms. This is because it is a visually interesting and very practical solution, which can be used in almost any conditions. Especially since there is a lot to choose from, and everyone will find something for themselves.

Are slats suitable for bathrooms?

Decorative wall slats can be installed in any room, so also in the bathroom. This solution is growing in popularity and is increasingly used in apartments or houses. Wooden slats are a modern element of interior decoration, which in a simple and quick way significantly changes its face. Bathroom slats are not only a great decoration that gives it a stylish and original look, but also a very practical addition. After all, wooden slats can be used when we have to deal with an uneven wall or want to hide some other deficiencies, but not only. Properly selected slats can also optically enlarge the bathroom, especially if you choose bright colors. The products we offer are extremely durable and can be installed even in wet rooms such as the bathroom.

What to combine slats for the bathroom with?

When it comes to combining slats with other interior finishing elements, we have a very wide range of possibilities here. We are limited only by our imagination, because when designing a bathroom you can be tempted to come up with many original, often unconventional solutions with wall slats in the leading role. Whether the slats will be a distinctive addition or a background for other elements depends entirely on the decision of the property owner himself. You can purchase wooden slats in a color similar to the furniture or fixtures, or, on the contrary, opt for a contrast that will emphasize the uniqueness of a given space. We offer decorative slats in sonoma oak, natural oak, ash oak, walnut, wotan oak, artisan oak, as well as in white, black or anthracite, and even in shades imitating concrete. If someone cares about glossy fins, the best option will be to choose gold or silver-colored slats, although these will work mainly for bold and very modern designs, including glamour style. If you're interested in unconventional decorations, we can offer you more colors and shades, unusual for wooden slats, such as bottle green or powder pink and many others.

How to install slats on the wall?

Bathroom wall slats can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling. They are also used for the construction of a wall, and even as a complement to built-in furniture. Wooden slats are installed in the bathroom most often around the mirror, but not only. They can be used on the wall located above the toilet enclosure or on the wall on the side of the entrance door. On the other hand, we can use openwork slats to create a wall that will divide the space or with the help of which we will isolate some part of the bathroom, which works especially well for bigger spaces.

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