Veneered slats

Many people want to have in their apartment as much decoration that comes from the natural environment as possible. A great example of such decoration are veneered slats, which are wooden mouldings covered with a thin layer of real oak wood. Veneered slats, whether in their raw or oiled state, can be successfully used in interior design, regardless of the style in which it was designed. In our offer you can find several types and formats of veneered slats.

Where do veneer slats fit?

Veneered slats are such an original, yet extremely versatile decorative solution that they will find application in any space. The type of room, its style and other design elements do not matter here. Veneer slats will go well with both modern, minimalist interiors, but also Scandinavian-style rooms or the raw atmosphere of a loft space. What's more, oak veneered slats will correspond with other loft-specific and at the same time natural materials such as stone. Wooden slats are a simple and inexpensive way to warm up the interior, making it cozy. Therefore, veneered slats are worth installing, among other things, in the bedroom, which for most of us is a place of rest. The slats can be placed, for example, on the wall behind the bed as an extension or alternative to the headboard. Another room is the living room, where slats can be used to cover a section of the wall behind the TV or fireplace, or the wall near the sofa or corner sofa. Veneered slats can also be an interesting decorative accent in the hallway, but also in the office, and even in the kitchen or bathroom.

How to install veneered slats?

Veneered slats can be mounted on the wall, but people more and more often glue them to the ceiling. This is especially the case when you want to highlight or isolate a particular space, such as a living room or a kitchen table, relaxation area or workspace. Veneered slats are installed not only on entire walls, but often on a selected section. They can be placed horizontally and vertically, and in the case of 3D panels even arranged in a geometric pattern.

What kind of veneered slats to choose?

When buying veneered slats, it is very important to determine what you specifically care about, that is, for what purpose you want to install them. In our store, oak veneer comes in several variants. The basic one is veneered slats from the Classic collection, which have dimensions of 3 cm wide by 4 cm thick and 270 cm long. They come in raw or oiled version with a clear oil. Veneered slats can also be purchased as part of the MINI collection, in which case their dimension is 1.6 cm wide by 3 cm deep and 270 cm long. This combination includes raw oak veneer type C (mounted on the longer side) and type U (mounted on the shorter side), as well as oiled oak veneer. A separate category contains acoustic panels in two sizes: 30x270 cm or square 3D panels (60x60 cm), which are available in type C oiled oak veneer.

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