Natural Oak Slats

Wooden slats have not gone out of fashion for many years now, and there is no indication that this is about to change. Owners of houses and apartments, as well as people who design offices, restaurants or any public facilities, decide on this type of interior decoration. Natural oak slats are a timeless, stylish and extremely modern solution, thanks to which we are able to easily change the character of a given space. Natural oak slats are a great choice for all those who appreciate unique and durable design elements.

What do oak slats provide?

Wooden slats have a number of applications when it comes to modern and stylish interior design. Depending on your needs and the choice of the right type, oak slats can significantly change the appearance of a given space, including even optically enlarging it. This works especially well in narrow or small rooms such as hallways, kitchens and even bathrooms. In the living room and bedroom, on the other hand, decorative slats will introduce a breath of freshness and a cozy atmosphere, which is essential in such rooms. The decoration is so versatile, and at the same time extremely original and distinctive from other accessories, that no one will pass by it indifferently. The slats, whether laminated or veneered with real wood, will delight our guests, and will be able to stay in a great condition for many years due to their high durability. In addition, natural oak slats are available in our store in an openwork version, so you can build a wall out of them to separate rooms or demarcate zones. The color is available also in a form of acoustic panels, so here we are dealing with both visual qualities and high functionality.

What color matches the slats?

Natural oak slats fit into any style and color scheme. Their color can be described as neutral, which will go well with both light and dark furniture, flooring or other accessories. The slats of this color should be chosen primarily by those who prefer the natural color of wood. Oak slats can be used as a background for other decorations, but also as a distinctive element that will become, so to speak, the hallmark of the interior. Natural oak slats will perfectly fit in a modern, minimalist space, but also in a simple Scandinavian style or a raw, but close to nature loft style. Nothing stands in the way of using them in glamour aesthetics either.

How to install oak slats on the wall?

Natural oak slats are mounted to the wall, but also to the ceiling, and openwork slats can be used to create a partition wall. Increasingly, slats are also used as an alternative to the balustrade at the stairs. Our products are characterized by durability, modern design, as well as very simple and instant installation. You will only need a mounting glue, and since the slats are laminated on each side, it does not matter which side you mount them with. We recommend natural oak slats in Classic, MINI, openwork, as well as acoustic panels.

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