Wotan Oak Slats

Wotan oak slats are a compromise between light and dark shades of wood. The pronounced grain and structure of the slats themselves make it difficult to distinguish them from real solid wood. For this reason, they will work well in any interior, regardless of the dominant color scheme. They will certainly appeal to people who rely on natural materials and decorations, wanting to enliven and warm up the space. Several variants of these slats are available in our offer, so everyone will find something for themselves.

Wotan oak slats - what to match with?

Wooden slats are one of those design elements to which you can not remain indifferent. Especially if we are talking about such a popular and distinctive color as wotan oak. Decorative slats can be used in any space, as they fit any style and all kinds of decorations. The wotan oak slats can be juxtaposed with both dark and light colors of furniture, floors and walls. The most important thing is to determine what exactly we care about. Whether the slats are to complement other decorative elements or stand out. Slats in this color go well with white, gray, beige or black. They will find a great match not only in modern, but also classic interiors, Scandinavian style, and even in the raw aesthetics of loft or industrial spaces.

Where to install wotan oak slats?

The decorative wotan oak slats we offer can be mounted both on the wall and ceiling. In addition, this color is also available in the form of openwork slats, which are used to make partitions that can separate rooms or delineate zones. The wotan oak slats can be installed in any room in an apartment or a house, but they often work well in an office, retail or service establishments. Wotan oak slats can be used, among other things, in the living room or bedroom, for example, on the wall behind the TV or bed, but also in office spaces. In addition, they can also serve as an interesting decoration in the kitchen, and at the same time delineate the dining area.

Wotan oak slats - what kind to choose?

Our wotan oak slats are available in several versions, so you can choose them according to your needs. Slats in standard dimensions of 3 by 4 by 275 cm can be purchased as part of the Classic collection. Slightly smaller, 1.6 cm wide and a 3 cm thick, are MINI slats. If you are looking for acoustic qualities, thanks to which it is possible to soundproof a room and get rid of echoes, you should opt for slats attached to felt or HDF board, which are sold as 30 cm wide panels. A separate category is 3D square felt acoustic panels, whose dimensions are 60 by 60 cm, with a depth of 2.4 cm. In this case, there is not only an improvement in acoustics, but also an optical enlargement of the space. The 3D panels can be arranged in horizontal or vertical lines, but also create a unique geometric pattern.

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