3D Panels 60x60

3D acoustic panels are one of those products that are becoming more and more popular every year not only among designers, but also property owners themselves. It is an extremely original and at the same time very practical interior finishing element, which fits literally any space. We are talking about both an apartment or a house, but also offices and even service or commercial facilities. So there is nothing left to do but to check out the offer of our store and choose something for yourself.

What are 3D panels and what do they fit into?

The 3D panels available in our store are square in shape, measuring 60 cm by 60 cm, and consist of twelve individual slats that are permanently attached to thick black felt. The panels go well with both classic and very modern design elements. They fit into any style, including interiors decorated in minimalist, loft, but also in Scandinavian aesthetics, glamour, art deco, etc. Depending on the individual preferences of customers, they can play the main role, as well as complement the entire arrangement. More than a dozen different color variants are available in our store: natural oak, wotan oak, artisan oak, sonoma oak, black and white matte, anthracite, coral, Scandinavian gray, khaki, powder pink, walnut, bottle green and golden gloss. However, if someone cares about natural materials, we recommend a 3D panel with slats veneered with a thin layer of real oak wood.

Acoustic panels - where to install them?

One of the most important advantages of 3D acoustic panels on felt is their versatility and the fact that they will work in almost any circumstances. They are primarily suitable for rooms that are worth soundproofing, which are the living room, bedroom or office. They are also a common finishing element in the hallway, especially the exterior wall of an apartment or a house. In the living room, for example, they can be placed on the wall behind the TV or on the side of the sofa, creating a great corner for relaxation. In the bedroom, 3D panels are usually installed behind the bed, often providing an alternative to the traditional upholstered headrest.

Why is it worth installing 3D panels?

Choosing 3D acoustic panels on felt, we get not only a phenomenal visual effect, but also practical advantages. First of all, our slats are synonymous with elegance, timeless design and the highest quality, which translates into durability and their resistance to external conditions. Noteworthy, moreover, is the simple installation, which can be done independently, using the instructions of the manufacturer itself. They can be mounted on the wall, but also on the ceiling, in addition, vertically, horizontally or forming a geometric pattern, which gives us a wide range of design possibilities. Thanks to 3D panels, in a quick, simple and inexpensive way we can significantly transform any interior and make it more attractive. If you have any questions, it is worth contacting our staff, who will dispel any doubts and indicate the most optimal solution.

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