Anthracite slats

Anthracite slats are an ideal option for those who do not want classic black in their interior, but care about a dark shade. Very often, anthracite slats are matched with furniture fronts or the color of other decorations, so that the arrangement is consistent. Wooden slats in this color can be used in any space, whether in an apartment or a house, but also in an office or even public facilities. There are many types of slats and acoustic panels in the anthracite color.

What do anthracite slats provide?

Anthracite slats are undoubtedly one of the best ways to spice up a given space and give it a unique character. Decorative slats can be used in many different ways, mounted both on the walls and on the ceiling, as well as making a divider. Our anthracite slats are laminated on each side, so you can install them with any side. Wood slats are synonymous with modernity and good style, especially if we are talking about such a dark color as anthracite. They will work perfectly in interiors decorated in minimalist, loft, rustic, industrial and glamour styles. However, it doesn't mean that they can't be used in slightly different aesthetics as well. If you like bolder and more contrasting combinations, you can use anthracite slats in rooms finished in Scandinavian or classic style. After all, anthracite slats can be in the foreground, but also not conspicuous, but only complement other decorative elements.

What to combine anthracite slats with?

Wooden slats in anthracite color can be combined with various elements, including furniture, floors or color of the wall. However, it should be remembered that anthracite is the darkest shade of gray, so it is best to cover at most one of the walls with anthracite slats. All this to make them an interesting accent, but not overwhelming. Anthracite slats are very often used in bedrooms, which by nature are a place of rest and relaxation. A dark finish on any of the walls, among others, using anthracite slats, calms and ensures a comfortable sleep. Anthracite decorative slats can also be boldly installed in the living room, such as on a section of the wall behind the TV.

What kind of slats to choose?

Anthracite color is available in our store in two sizes of slats: Classic (3 cm wide, 4 cm thick and 275 cm long) and Mini (1.6 cm wide and 3 cm deep with the same length); and three variants of acoustic panels. When choosing, of course, you should be guided by your own preferences and needs. Wherever we have enough space, it is worth using slats of a standard size. On the other hand, if you want slim slats, nothing prevents you from reaching for a product from the MINI collection. If you need to soundproof the room, the best choice are acoustic panels. Our products are created with attention to detail and extremely durable, both the slats and panels can also be independently cut to any length.

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