Slats for the living room

Slats in the living room are undoubtedly an interior design hit that is not going away. Thanks to the wide range of slats and acoustic panels, ideas for living room arrangements have no limits. Slats in the living room are often placed behind the TV, on the entire wall or part of it, in such a way that they only overlap behind part of the screen, combining with wallpaper or other decorations. It is worth knowing that slats and acoustic panels can be used in the living room even more creatively - thanks to a wide selection of types and colors of our products.

What to combine slats with?

Wooden slats provide a number of possibilities when it comes to arranging a living space, but also an office or even public facilities. Slats for the living room can be combined with practically any accessory, and all thanks to the fact that we have a large selection of types and colors of slats. Decorative slats fit perfectly into the living room, especially if there are other wooden or wood-like elements in it. When choosing slats in terms of color, we actually have several options. One is to bet on a shade that will match the furniture or the floor, among other things. However, if you like bolder juxtapositions, nothing prevents you from using the principle of contrast. We are talking about combining, for example, light slats with dark floors and vice versa, so that they will stand out significantly, and not just be a background element.

What to install the slats on?

Decorative slats can be mounted both on the wall and the ceiling. Very often they are also used as a decoration of furniture fronts or an extension of the cabinet. Openwork slats, on the other hand, will be used to build a partition wall. Our slats are characterized by the fact that they are laminated on each side, so you can install them with any side. In the case of the living room we have a very wide range of possibilities when it comes to the use of slats. This is because they can be mounted on the entire wall where the TV is located or on a part of it. Wooden slats make the room seem cozier and more comfortable, so they can also be used on the wall or even the ceiling. Thus, we are able to create an original relaxation space, one of the key elements of which will be precisely the wall covered with slats. In our offer you can find both wood-like slats in such colors as sonoma oak, natural, ash, walnut, wotan, artisan or classic black and white matte, but also slats in many other colors, such as oak veneer.

Do slats dampen noise?

Of course they do! But the key is to choose the right type. Acoustic panels will be the best option when soundproofing a room. They effectively absorb sound waves and eliminate the effect of echoes in the room. We suggest acoustic panels onfelt or HDF board with a width of 30 cm or modern 3D panels, which will further add depth to the room. All the three options are available in sonoma oak, natural oak, wotan oak, artisan oak, white and black matte and many others.

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