Lamele dąb sonoma
    Wall slats - Sonoma oak [22x70]
    Wall slats - Sonoma oak [22x70]
    Szerokie lamele ścienne
    Wall slats - Sonoma oak [22x70]
    Wall slats - Sonoma oak [22x70]
    Lamele w sypialni dąb
    Wall slats - Sonoma oak [22x70]
    Lamele dekoracyjne dębowe
    Wall slats - Sonoma oak [22x70]
    Wall slats - Sonoma oak [22x70]
    Wall slats - Sonoma oak [22x70]
    Wall slats - Sonoma oak [22x70]
    Lamele dąb sonoma
    Szerokie lamele ścienne
    Lamele w sypialni dąb
    Lamele dekoracyjne dębowe

    Wall slats - Sonoma oak [22x70]

    Openwork slats are gaining more and more recognition among interior designers. All due to their unique appearance, durability and practical qualities. Openwork slats in the color of oak sonoma are synonymous with good style and the highest quality workmanship. Each slat has dimensions of 2.2 cm wide, as much as 7 cm thick and 275 cm long, so you can use them to create a partition, a balustrade at the stairs, but most of all a wall that will serve as an element separating individual zones in the house, apartment or office. This solution is very versatile and will work, among others, in a living room with a kitchenette, but also in a bedroom, hallway and even in a large bathroom.

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    Openwork slats


    Vertical sonoma oak slats (wall slats), available in our offer, are an impressive decoration, and thanks to the use of 4-sided laminate, you can choose to install the slats on literally any side. Universal in color, fashionable decoration will look great not only horizontally, vertically, but also diagonally, as well as asymmetrically. Modular connection system allows you to reduce to the minimum the time-consuming cutting of panels and adjusting their width to the size of the wall.

    Why Lameo?

    MDF Premium

    We use the best raw materials to make our slats.

    High quality

    The slats are factory-finished with attention to detail.

    4-side laminate

    Thus, you can make an openwork wall out of our slats!

    Better acoustics

    Our slats improve acoustics in any interior.

    Easy installation

    Our slats improve acoustics in any interior.

    Which interiors are the best place for sonoma oak slats?

    These fashionable wide slats will create a simply perfect duo with any apartment arrangement maintained in modern as well as loft style. Due to their elegant appearance, they will also work perfectly as a decorative element in the design of an office or any public facility. So you can use the openwork sonoma oak slats as a background decoration for the wall behind the TV set in the living room, an unconventional bed headboard, or even create with them an openwork partition wall, which will ensure access to natural light and will not disturb the proportions of the whole apartment.

    Don't know what color of wall slats to choose? We also offer sample sets that will surely make your decision easier.

    4-sided laminate

    We are the only company on the market to offer 4-sided lamination of wooden decorative slats. Thus, we guarantee a versatile and universal application. You can install them on both sides, and create a very aesthetically pleasing partition. This also applies to slats in the color of sonoma oak, which, in addition to exceptional quality and durability for years, will provide you with an original decoration that no one will pass by indifferently. This color of nature will create the perfect duo of classics and versatility


    Set of samples


    Not sure which color of the slats to choose? Order a set of samples with all the colors available in our offer and make the best choice!

    For pallet quantities, we are able to make slats in any color or size!


    Wall slats are a versatile solution that can be successfully used in any interior, regardless of its size or design style. They are great for, among others, raw lofts, but you can achieve an equally interesting effect when introducing them into a Scandinavian living room.

    With the help of our wooden slats you can also separate zones in the room, including, among other things, creating a space dedicated to work or eating meals. This is a very good alternative to traditional partition walls, which very often take away natural light, which should be avoided in small rooms.

    Available colors

    Working with us

    We love people that are creative and passionate about interior decoration, so we are happy to establish permanent cooperation with both contractors and design studios. To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer access for partners to our B2B sales platform.

    Sonoma oak
    275 cm
    2.2 cm
    7 cm
    4D - 4-sided laminate
    for the ceiling
    for the wall
    Country of Origin
    3,2 kg

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