White slats

White slats are a solution that is becoming increasingly popular. Wooden slats in white can be installed in almost any place without worrying that they will not match the other elements. White slats are so versatile that we are able to combine them with any color, whether in an apartment, house, office or any other space. We recommend white matte slats in Classic, Mini versions, as well as openwork slats and three types of acoustic panels, which soundproof but also optically enlarge the interior.

Where to install white slats?

Wooden slats in white matte match any interior, regardless of the square footage or what style it was finished in. White looks good in combination with both dark and light colors. With the former we get an interesting contrast, in the case of the latter the space immediately becomes more spacious and larger. White slats can be used primarily in interiors decorated in Scandinavian, minimalist or classic style. They can be installed, for example, in a small hallway, so that you optically enlarge the interior, but also in the kitchen and even in the bathroom. A good place will also be, of course, the living room, bedroom or home office, but you need to remember to avoid juxtaposing white slats with very bright walls, because then they will lose their unique character and will not be visible enough.

What do white slats go with?

White matte slats are characterized primarily by simplicity, and by using them at home we bring a breath of freshness to the room. The white color is calming and brings harmony and tranquility to the interior. White slats can be contrasted with dark, even black decorations or furniture. However, this is not a rule, because white will also correspond with pastel colors, flooring in light shades of oak, and even raw concrete.

White slats - which to choose?

White slats - like black - are a classic and a product that will never go out of fashion. Wood slats in white color can be placed both on the walls and on the ceiling. In our assortment you can find several types of white slats, including products from Classic, Mini, as well as openwork slats. All of them are 275 cm long, and you can easily shorten them yourself. We also have a proposal for those who care not only about aesthetic issues, but also about functionality, including soundproofing the room. For this purpose, it is worth choosing acoustic panels on felt or HDF boars 30 cm wide and 2.4 cm thick. In addition, there are modern 3D panels on felt, which absorb both outgoing and incoming sound waves, and can optically enlarge the space. The 60 by 60 cm 3D panels can be arranged in any configuration, both in vertical and horizontal lines, but also in a geometric pattern, creating a unique wall or ceiling decoration.

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