Artisan Oak Slats

Artisan oak slats are one of the most interesting and popular colors when it comes to finishing an interior with slats. Artisan oak decorative slats match any aesthetic, including both modern and very classic interiors. Their greatest advantages include timeless and unique design, as well as high durability, thanks to which they can serve for a long time. It is worth taking a look at our offer, where you can find several versions of artisan oak slats and acoustic panels.

Artisan oak slats for any interior

Slats are, without any doubt, one of the biggest design hits of the last few years, and among popular colors are the artisan oak slats. These slats suit any design style, including minimalist, rustic, modern, loft, industrial, and even Scandinavian or classical aesthetics. Artisan oak slats look great in combination with light as well as dark colors, including black, anthracite or graphite. In addition, they match shades of gray, beige, pastel colors, as well as white. Due to the fact that the distinctive grain pattern is visible on their surface, it is difficult to distinguish them from real solid wood. This is a huge advantage, especially for those who care about introducing natural materials into the interior, making it warmer, more vibrant and extremely unique. Artisan oak slats can be both the main showcase of a room, but they can also serve as a base or background for other finishing elements of the space.

What to attach the wood slats to?

Artisan oak slats can be installed in only few steps, which are described in our instructions. In this way you can change the character of a room in a short time and at a low cost. Wooden slats can be placed on the wall, on the ceiling, as well as be used to build a partition wall. This solution is worth using, among other things, when you want to separate one room from another, such as the living room from the kitchenette or the work space from the rest of the room. There are many possibilities, so surely everyone will choose one that will meet their expectations.

Decorative artisan oak slats - which one to choose?

Artisan oak slats are one of those products that are available in several variants. This type of slats is available in the Classic (30x40 mm) and Mini (16x30 mm) version. We offer also openwork slats in artisan oak and three variants of acoustic panels which are square 3D panels in 60 cm by 60cm format and panels in form of slats attached to an HDF board or felt that are 275 cm long and 30m wide. In both cases, interesting design is combined with acoustic qualities.

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