Sonoma Oak Slats

Sonoma oak slats are one of the most popular colors of this type of decoration, which is available in our offer in several variants. The light color of oak suits almost any interior, both in modern or loft style, as well as Scandinavian and rustic. Sonoma oak wood slats bring a breath of freshness to an apartment or a house, they are very stylish and original. Behind the unique appearance there is also practicality, especially if you choose openwork slats to build a wall or panels on felt - to soundproof the room.

Sonoma oak slats - what color scheme?

Sonoma oak slats are characterized by a light, neutral color, as well as a grain that imitates a real oak, so it is difficult to distinguish them from a solid wood. So this is an option for all those who like natural decoration in interiors, but not only. Sonoma oak-colored slats' shade depends on how the light falls on them, so it is worth taking this into account when making a decision. It is such a versatile yet beautiful color that it is sure to be in fashion for a very long time. So, deciding on sonoma oak slats, we have a guarantee that even in a few years they will make a positive impression on guests. Thanks to our products, you can significantly change the character of a given interior and give it a completely different climate in a simple and inexpensive way. Sonoma oak slats are used in a variety of residential spaces, but they are becoming more popular also in offices, receptions, restaurants, stores, etc. This is because there are no limits here, especially since the choice in this area is wide.

What do sonoma oak slats go with?

Sonoma oak slats can be used primarily in the living room, which is often the showcase of a property. This is where we receive guests or relax after a long day at work or school. The slats can be placed on any wall or part of it, and in the case of the living room it is usually the wall behind the TV. Sonoma oak slats will also work great in the bedroom, for example  on the wall behind the bed, but not only. Especially if you choose acoustic panels on felt, which, in addition to their attractive appearance, they soundproof the room. They can perform a similar function in an office or in a hallway. Used properly, they can optically enlarge the interior. For this purpose, you can opt for 3D panels on felt, which are arranged vertically, horizontally, as well as in a geometric pattern. Sonoma oak will suit the kitchen, especially if you have a living room with a kitchenette and would like to subtly seperate zones with the help of the slats. Our offer also includes openwork slats, which can be used to make a partition wall, which will serve to separate individual rooms.

How to install slats from the floor to the ceiling?

Sonoma oak slats can therefore be mounted on the wall and ceiling, with using a special adhesive. The installation of our slats is extremely easy, and due to the fact that they are laminated on four sides, it can be done with any side. In addition to the sonoma oak slats in the openwork and acoustic versions, we recommend slats from the Classic collection or the slightly narrower MINI slats.

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