Slats for the kitchen

Slats in the kitchen are a modern and stylish solution that will make the kitchen space clearly separated from the living room - physically or aesthetically. They can be used in a kitchen in a variety of ways. We offer slats with 4-sided laminate or 3-sided veneer, as well as wooden acoustic panels, which definitely expands design ideas. These types of slats can be glued to a wall or a ceiling in any possible way - it all depends on what visual effect you want to achieve.

Are slats suitable for kitchens?

Decorative slats are an ideal solution for the kitchen, no matter what style the room is arranged in. For many years now, slats have been gaining recognition in the eyes of an increasingly wide range of customers. Many designers also opt for this decorative element, recognizing them as a modern, stylish and timeless accessory. Slats for the kitchen can be used in many different ways, whether on the wall, ceiling, but also as the main element of a partition wall. Our wooden slats are characterized by easy installation and considerable durability, so they will perform well in literally any conditions. So even the fact that the kitchen is one of the rooms with a higher level of humidity is not an obstacle.

Are wooden slats practical?

The slats, in addition to their undoubted aesthetic qualities, are extremely practical. When it comes to the kitchen, they can be mounted, among other things, on the wall with which the table is adjacent, so that we can separate the dining space with their help. Installation on the ceiling above the table is also an option, especially since the spacing between the slats allows the use of special led lighting. In addition, it is possible to build a partition wall out of the wooden slats, which can be used to delimit zones or separate some part of the kitchen. Very often we are also dealing with a living room with a kitchenette or a kitchen open to another room. Then it is worth using just a wall of decorative slats, which can aesthetically and functionally separate the two rooms. Moderation is key when installing slats in the kitchen, as they should only be an interesting and original addition. This is why it is worth using them only on one of the walls, or preferably on some part of it.

How do you choose the color of the slats for the kitchen?

Choosing a color for the kitchen trim is not as difficult as it may seem, especially since you can find a great number of shades in our offer. It all depends on what specific effect the designer or property owner cares about. After all, the color of the slats can be chosen to match the color of the furniture, but also the floor. It is also possible to choose a shade that contrasts with other elements of the interior finish, so that the slats for the kitchen will stand out and be, so to speak, its hallmark. As for darker shades, in our assortment you can find decorative slats in black, anthracite, as well as walnut. Lighter colors are mainly shades of oak (sonoma, natural, ash), matte white or imitation concrete and a few others. Slightly darker than the rest, however, is wotan oak.

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