Walnut slats

Walnut slats are one of the most elegant and stylish decorations in contemporary interior design. The dark, deep color brings a touch of modernity and luxury to the living space - and beyond. Walnut slats are most often used in minimalist interiors, but on the contrary also the ones decorated in a glamorous style. This, of course, is not a rule, because slats in this color are so versatile that they will also find use in other interior arrangements, becoming a distinctive element.

Walnut slats - where to use them?

Slats in the color of walnut are a very strong color accent in interiors, making it an ideal solution for those who want to create an original and distinctive space. Wooden walnut slats can be installed in literally any room. Of course, the key to success is always to maintain moderation, so the slats are only a complementary element to the whole, and not the main decoration. However, it all depends on the individual preferences of the owner of the apartment or house, who can decide either to match the wood slats with the rest or to make them the primary decoration. Walnut slats can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling, both vertically and horizontally. They are most often used on a section of one of the walls in a room, such as in the living room just behind the TV or on the side of a corner or sofa. In the bedroom, on the other hand, they can be mounted on the wall behind the headboard of the bed, as an extension of the bed, so to speak. They can also delineate specific zones, such as in the kitchen, where they are mounted at the table, or in the office, delineating the space for working at the computer.

What do walnut slats go with?

Walnut decorative slats match both dark and light furniture, floors and other elements. In the first case, they complement other decorations, especially if they are in similar or the same color scheme. If, on the other hand, we juxtapose walnut slats with light oak or even white or gray walls, we are able to achieve an interesting contrast effect. Certainly, walnut slats will appeal to people who prefer an elegant and distinctive style, and at the same time make the interior gain a cozy and warm character, which is conducive to relaxation.

Walnut decorative slats - are they worth choosing?

If you care about a timeless and original decoration, it is worth choosing walnut slats. The color, as well as the structure of the slats available in our offer resemble real wood. They are covered with a four-sided laminate, so they can be installed with both the shorter and longer sides. The walnut slats are available in Classic and Mini sizes as well as in 22x70 mm version, which makes them perfect for creating a partition. We also offer three types of acoustic panels in this color.

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