Slats for the bedroom

Is it worth using decorative slats and acoustic panels in the bedroom? Definitely yes. First of all - to warm up the interior, where we should feel safe and comfortable! Slats for the bedroom will work well both as a wall decoration just behind the bed, as well as in another place, for example, on a narrower wall or a section where a dressing table stands. Decorative moldings in different colors will be a great match - dark slats perfectly match wooden elements. On the other hand acoustic wall panels will be great for soundproofing the room.

What to choose for decoration above the bed - slats for the bedroom

We recommend wooden slats for bedrooms as an excellent decorative element related to the sleep space. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our home. It should be cozy, elegant, give a sense of security, relaxation and cleanliness. The use of slats in the bedroom, on the wall to which the headboard of the bed is adjacent, is a proven way to enliven the interior, give it character and, above all, emphasize the intimate space for rest. Slats attached to the wall just behind the bed, will make it stand out, and in small bedrooms will optically lengthen the entire interior.

How to fix slats on the wall in the bedroom?

We do not have to cover the entire wall with slats. We can create an optical "backrest" of the bed, an extended headboard, which will optically enlarge our bedroom space. It is worth knowing that the slats do not have to reach all the way to the ceiling. They can protrude slightly on the sides of the beds and be not at the full height of the wall. This way we will achieve the effect of a "gate", and looking from a further perspective the bed with the slats on a not fully covered wall will create the impression that we are looking at a theater stage, ending with a curtain, or in this case, evenly arranged slats.

What for the wall in the bedroom behind the bed?

Another attractive concept for the use of the slats in the bedroom will be to place them on the extremities of the wall to which the bed adjoins. Then it is best if they are cut in such a way that they reach all the way to the ceiling. The space in between, where the bed stands, can be painted in a color contrasting with the slats, filled with wallpaper or upholstered wall panels, which will also perform the function of protecting the wall behind the bed. Thus prepared bedroom wall with the use of wooden slats will meet all the assumptions of a modern bedroom interior.

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