Silver slats

Decorative slats have been used in various types of interior design for a long time now. Silver-colored glossy slats are certainly among the interesting novelties in this area. This is a distinctive solution that will work in many cases, including glamorous, industrial or loft interiors. We offer silver slats in the standard format of 3 cm wide, 4 cm thick and 275 cm long, with the possibility to shorten them by cutting on one side.

Silver slats - in which interiors to install?

Silver slats are certainly a product that will immediately appeal to some, while others will find it too extravagant. In practice, this type of slats can be used in a house, apartment, and even in the office, commercial or service facilities. Glossy silver slats are a distinctive element that cannot be passed by indifferently. Silver wood slats are mounted on the wall, as well as on the ceiling, and can also be made into a partition wall, which is successfully used to divide a room or delineate zones. This will work well, for example, if you have a living room with a kitchenette or an open hall. Slats can be used to cover the entire wall or a section of it, making them just a unique addition. Silver slats, because of their gloss, are a great option for small rooms, as they are able to optically enlarge them.

Glossy slats- where do they fit?

Due to the fact that they are metallized, and therefore have a deep shine, they will fit into interiors where the glamour style dominates above all. We are talking about aesthetics focused on luxury, numerous ornaments and golden or just silver decorations. At the same time, silver-colored slats are versatile, as they match both light and dark colors. They look good when combined with black, anthracite or gray, as well as light oak or even white. The slats will not go out of fashion for a very long time, so you can be sure that even in a few years they will be an interesting decoration of our interior, which will continue to delight our guests. Especially since the slats we offer are characterized by extraordinary durability and timeless design. With a small cost and effort we can transform the appearance of a given space.

How to install silver slats?

Installation of the slats is very simple and does not take much time. Just follow our instructions and complete the installation in just 5 steps! The slats we offer have a four-sided laminate, which makes it possible to mount them with any side to the wall or create a divider with them. Installation is mainly done using a special glue, which you just need to apply along the slat, and then stick it to the desired place.

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