Concrete slats

Concrete-colored slats are currently one of the most popular interior trends in our country. Decorative slats in the color imitating natural concrete will find application in almost any space. We are talking about both apartments, houses, but also office spaces and more. Concrete slats will work perfectly with both light and dark colors, regardless of the interior style. It is worth taking a look at our offer, in which concrete slats from the Classic collection just stand out.

Concrete slats - what kind of interior do they fit into?

Concrete slats are a response to the needs of customers themselves, including interior designers, who are increasingly turning to this type of solution. This is not surprising, since decorations imitating concrete, stone or wood are currently in vogue and this is not expected to change any time soon. Concrete-colored slats suit all kinds of interiors, but of course they will work best in a space decorated in industrial or loft style, which are characterized by rawness and the use of materials from the natural environment. The same goes for rustic style, where wooden elements will go well with the coolness and simplicity of concrete. It is also impossible not to mention minimalist and modern arrangements, where slats imitating concrete can provide a unique color accent. Concrete slats will work well in the bedroom or living room, but also in the office and even in the kitchen, especially if we have countertops in a similar tone.

What to combine concrete slats with?

The combination of concrete slats with other decorations or furniture is always an individual matter. It all comes down to the taste and expectations of the property owners themselves. Concrete-colored slats are, on one hand, unique and original, and on the other hand, they are versatile enough to go with many other colors and textures. Concrete looks good in combination with black, graphite or dark shades of oak. However, if we do not like such contrasting combinations, we can combine concrete slats, for example, with light oak.

Concrete slats - austerity and timelessness

Concrete slats can be placed on the wall and ceiling, and can even be used to make a partition wall or a divider - an alternative to the traditional balustrade at the stairs. It seems that the rawness of concrete significantly cools the room, but in many cases it will be just the opposite. The slats can add character to the interior and introduce calm, harmony and simplicity. We offer concrete laths in the Classic version, which is the standard size: 3 cm wide, 4 cm thick and 275 cm long. This model has a three-sided laminate, and the installation of the laths is extremely simple, so literally anyone can handle it.

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