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    listwa między lamele
    listwa między lamele czarna
    Lamele dekoracyjne na ścianę
    Lamele w sypialni dąb
    Lamele dekoracyjne dębowe
    Dębowe lamele ścienne
    Lamele dębowe ścienne 3D
    Lamele dąb naturalny na ścianę

    Strip between slats - black

    Strip between the slats. Thanks to the installation of the cover strip, the distance between the slats will always be the same and you will cover up an uneven wall. The slats are flexible, so they will fit into any wall!

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    One wall with slats - many possibilities

    Wall slats are emerging as a favorite among interior decorators for a very simple reason. They offer unlimited possibilities for wall design, and this is regardless of the chosen style. Vertical laths can create an unconventional decoration on the entire surface of the wall, but equally well they can be installed only on a selected part of it. This trick is a great idea for people who are looking for a simple arrangement of sensitive zones in the house (such as around stairs or windows), where any other material does not look as spectacular as decorative panels.

    Wooden slats, thanks to their modern aesthetics, allow you to go wild with the design of walls in any room. They even work perfectly as a finish for the wall behind the TV in the living room or as an alternative to traditional bedroom headboards. Decorative vertical slats also work well in the hallway, as a background for coat hangers, and as a conventional border between the living room and kitchen.

    MDF Premium

    We use the best raw materials to make our slats.

    High quality

    The slats are factory-finished with attention to detail.

    4-side laminate

    Thus, you can make an openwork wall out of our slats!

    Better acoustics

    Our slats improve acoustics in any interior.

    Easy installation

    Our slats improve acoustics in any interior.

    Openwork walls in the role of unusual wooden wall

    Openwork partition walls perfectly fit into the convention of interiors kept in a minimalist tone, but they are equally well suited to raw, industrial spaces, forming a very harmonious duo with concrete or black color tones. Our wall slats are 4-sided laminated with attention to the smallest detail, hence they can be successfully used as an independent decoration of the space.

    Openwork wall slats can be in different variants - from lightweight structures with the help of which we can gently separate the kitchen from the dining room, or the bed from the workplace. Openwork walls can also occur as a wooden partition wall clearly dividing the space without interfering with its sunlight. Mounted next to the stairs, it can also ideally serve as a balustrade. Importantly, our vertical and horizontal slats will successfully create both a classic wall and an ornament with unusual patterns. In fact, in their implementation we are limited only by our imagination and individual sense of style. Ceiling moldings - a touch of luxury over your head.

    Wooden slats are a reliable solution for decorating walls, but their potential in interior design goes much further. They are perfect as decorative ceiling moldings. Thanks to them once and for all you will forget about the colorless white ceiling or coffers, whose glory years are long gone.

    Vertical slats on the ceiling, for instance, above the bed or near the window, will immediately enliven the arrangement and make it a kind of work of modern art. When installed on the ceiling, the wooden slats create a three-dimensional composition, which creates not only an avant-garde decorative element, but also adds sufficient depth to the interior and improves its acoustics.

    Slats as an unconventional and versatile decoration

    The trend of DIY in interiors is not waning, and there is no indication that this is about to change. Wall slats fit perfectly into the concept of "do it yourself". Using them, you can create real design gems that can not be passed by indifferently. In addition to unconventional design and ingenuity, they will also bring a large dose of functionality to the room. One of the ideas for creating an impressive decoration with wooden slats is to attach them to the wall in the hallway, and hang hangers on them. They will look equally good on the wall in the kitchen on which hooks can be mounted. This is a good patent for storing, for example, cups or accessories helpful in cooking.

    Our wooden slats - both vertical and horizontal are also ideal for decorating furniture (as fronts, as well as trims). With their help you can also create personalized photo frames, shelves or balustrades for stairs. The slats are very malleable, and the colors we offer make it possible to create real interior "works of art".

    Available colors

    Black matte
    275 cm
    3 cm
    4 mm
    for the ceiling
    for the wall
    Country of Origin

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